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Bill Gates is afraid of mosquitoes (and he’s a smart man)

As Mr. Gates wrote: “This animal kills more people in a day than sharks do in a century”.

Regarding, mosquitoes, I prefer the word “demon” to “animal” but that may be more of a personal problem/perspective than an accurate description.

Read his blog and see why Shark Week on the television is kinda funny (not funny) when you consider how many humans are killed by mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes kill more humans than sharks

He does admit that he’s rather safe from them in Seattle but I can relate to his perspective. I moved from Seattle to southern California many sunny years ago but I’m relatively new to San Gabriel, CA, and just in the past 2 years the Asian Tiger mosquitoes have arrived and with them the possibility of West Nile Virus. We’re now prevented from using the backyard without box fans blowing away mosquitoes (and catching them on window screens attached to the backside (hence “demon” mentioned above). When the bite, they ITCH. Yet neighbors still leave stagnant water to gather in their empty water fountains or up-turned flower pots. Those lovely warm evenings are when I miss Seattle. (Well, not the grey blanket of clouds spitting droplets of water that give the state it’s name, The Evergreen State, and not the black mold growing on the top of all/most city rooftops, and not all the fleece, but much of Seattle is really quite lovely.)

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