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MSDS: Mockingbird Sleep Deprivation Society

It’s spring again.

Our 3rd spring in San Gabriel, CA.

This year, the grey demon started in February. Probably did the same during previous years. He/she didn’t seem so bad, and I briefly hoped that this year might be different. You know, that maybe the night caller from hell wouldn’t like our backyard as much this year.   HA!  Hahahahahahaha

It’s March again.    He’s baaaaaack!

This YouTube video is just one example. It’s not a particularly loud performance but it’ll do for now:


(more to come as I recover this from previous writings)

Topics will include:

  • 2am, 3am, 4am, … 2pm, 4pm, 4pm …
  • chimney echo
  • calling/singing while flying.
  • in the rain!
  • Googling “sleep deprivation” effects …
  • other attempts to dissuade them, not that I’ve tried any, nope, it’s illegal to harass them. Definitely not the hose.
  • other ideas to train the blue jays to chase away the grey jay (maybe?)

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