San Gabriel typhus

Flee, Fleas

As mentioned in my main Typhus article, keeping fleas away seems to be the best chance for not becoming infected by the disease named Murine Typhus.

Note: Some links on this page take you to with my affiliate key. Any paltry funds earned by items purchased via my links will go toward the costs of running this site (and maybe help paying for the hospital bills … those are still coming).


Flea eradication using environmentally safe methods via two initial orders from Amazon, and one previous one. I’ll update the blog here with my results from using them:

  • Nematodes: beneficial bacteria to kill fleas (click link to explore)
  • Cedar Oil: concentrated spray, apparently gets rid of mosquitos too but that’s another blog entry (concentrated means it needs diluting with water before spraying) (click that link to explore).
  • Diatomaceous Earth: sharp, stabby dust that scratches hard-bodied insects and … dehydrates them to death. Doesn’t hurt anything else. I’ve already used it to reduce the ant and spider population around the house, including seeming to have a very good effective result of “removing” ants from the walls. MAKE SURE you buy food-grade DE. Don’t use the variety for swimming pools.


Pest removal

  • ?pest exterminator / remove / re-locator?
  • ?calling the city of San Gabriel (will they do anything about the opossum?)

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