San Gabriel security


The night of August 21, 2017, the guy shown in this security camera picture walked up onto the front porch of our home, looked around and left. He was fast. It was early evening. We were sitting on the couch. Never saw him.

This smaller version of the picture shows his face better. 

My security camera has an infrared mode, and most people don’t see the red light that is being cast on the area, so this guy probably has no idea he’s been photographed. He also probably didn’t see the surveillance sticker on the window.

During the summer/fall of 2017, a nearby friend had his house broken into from the back yard. He was away, so they stole several items. Police told him that a team was moving through the area, from Alhambra, into San Gabriel, and likely on to Temple City. One of their techniques was to knock on the door earlier in the day, ask some question, probably scope-out the house & owners, and then possibly return later.

I haven’t heard of more break-ins, and nobody else has appeared on my cameras.

Hopefully they don’t return.

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